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We chose Open Collective as our funding platform to help us track our expenses in a way that is transparent for all to see; being honest, open, and sharing with others in order to pay it forward is part of our core motivating values. Open Collective acts as a 501(c)(3) fiscal host such that all donations will be tax-deductible.

This nonprofit also is eligible for corporate matching through Benevity, a charitable donation and grant management platform (e.g., Microsoft employees can donate to the charity and the company will participate in a 1:1 employee donation match).
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Frequently asked questions
What is your donation goal?

Our current goal is to make and deliver 100,000 face shields, though we will continue producing shields until we feel the need for PPE has been met.Read more about our goal here

What happens with any excess money once you reach your goal?

Any excess money would be used to contribute to a similar cause in need.

How do I get my donation matched by my company's matching program?

Many employers offer donations matching benefits to their employees. If you are making a donation please check with your employer on their donation matching benefits.

Because Washington State 3D Face Shield Hub is fiscally hosted by another Foundation, you may have to take extra steps to ensure that your matches are sent to our campaign. Please contact us if you need any assistance with that process.
Benevity users: Benevity is a tool that many companies use for donation matching. OpenCollective Foundation is listed in Benevity as an eligible charity and have worked out a process to ensure that donation matches come directly to our campaign.

How to get your donations matched in Benevity
The link above outlines the specific process for Microsoft employees but it generally applies to all companies using Benevity. Again, let us know if you need any assistance with this process. Thank you so much for your donations!

What are the funds being used for?

We are using the funds in two ways. Currently, we are using the funds to buy supplies for our makers, including 3D printing filaments, elastic bands, and face shield material, as well as to reimburse material purchase expenses already made on behalf of the group. By buying in bulk, we can get the best pricing, and help makers keep printing who might not otherwise be able to continue purchasing and donating their own materials. We will also use these funds to reimburse driving costs of our gang of "road warriors" who collect and distribute the printed shields.

We are also using the funds to scale-up production via injection molding for the frames, and die-cut shields. The cost of the parts for an injection molded frame is approximately $1.70; the bulk of the funds we are now raising will go towards those efforts.