Just in! We have NIH Approval - hospitals can OFFICIALLY accept our Face Shields!

April 17, 2020

GREAT news: we have NIH approval!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

For the past several weeks, this highly talented group of makers have been iterating on visor designs that not only needed to meet an array of governmental requirements but also provide a comfortable fit for 12+ hour shifts. Our final designs were approved today after official clinical review and testing by the NIH and FDA, in partnership. You can find these official stamps on the NIH website: PNWS Full PNWS Short

So what does this mean?

Hospitals can now officially accept our face shields! Therefore having both the NIH approval as well as your generous contributions means that we can now quickly and confidently scale our maker operations, mass distribute these masks to hospitals we couldn't reach before, and start to pursue larger manufacturing efforts. This is huge!

Thank you to everyone who gave input these past few weeks - our finalized designs are a reflection of some of that feedback, improvements based on clinical reviews at multiple hospitals, incorporated learnings from other institutions and hospitals around the country, and iterations based on sound science and engineering principles and standards specific to Covid-19 needs.

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